area della Battaglia di Castelfidardo


The battlefield area was defined 9 Municipalities: Castelfidardo, Loreto, Osimo, Camerano, Numana, Porto Recanati, Recanati, Sirolo and Ancona (the side of the Conero Mountain).  As far as the bloodiest clash among the armies is concerned, the area of the battle reached 300 hectares including the Selva of Castelfidardo, the hill of Monte San Pellegrino, the valley between the rivers Aspio and Musone until the Adriatic Sea. Since 1860, the territory of the battle has been kept intact. The farms and the country streets which were used as reference point in the military maps of that age – in the succession of attacks and withdrawals before the final victory which went to the Piedmontese-, are still present. Lately has been built the Ossuary-Memorial monument.

Eight marble memorial stones carrying the description of the phases of the battle were put in the main places of the battle area itself. They were realized by The National Committee for the Celebrations for the centenary anniversary of the conflict. Tracks of both armies are engraved also on a big marble map.