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Villa Ferretti of Castelferretto – Where General Georges de la Vallée de Rarecourt Marquis de Pimodan died.

The most ancient part of Villa Ferretti was the hunting lodge, belonged to Attilio Sciava (who was mayor of Castelfidardo on 18th September 1860) and his family. It was built during the second half of 1700 including an ancient building. Its position over the hill above the Selva of Castelfidardo, its 18th Century architectural features and the wide prehistoric wood which surrounding it with its extraordinarily rich biodiversity and century plant trees, gives the Villa a fascinating appearance.

The Villa has also an historical importance as it is located on a place that was considered strategic for the battle of Castelfidardo. As a matter of fact, it was used as general headquarter by the Piedmontese General Enrico Cialdini and for the camp hospital. Here the Papal General Georges de Pimodan was brought in the attempt of taking care of him since he had been seriously injured during the conflict. Unfortunately, he died here in the late evening. To commemorate the remembrance the family of the General bought the Villa, and then sold it in 1953 to the duke Roberto Ferretti of Castelferretto (1923 – 2005), who renovated and enlarged it with its same original architectural style. Today the Villa and the wood are protected by regional and national laws. The management of this priceless cultural and environmental heritage is ensured by the Ferretti Art Establishment and by the Foundation Duca Roberto Ferretti di Castelfidardo.

The Collection of Villa Ferretti

Great collector of Italian artworks, the duke Roberto Ferretti of Castelferretto reunited a lot of artworks connected to the history of his family and to the art of Le Marche. The most interesting pieces have been set up in a private gallery, open to the public only in the summer and only available by reservation. The Marchigian origin of the collection, composed by “almost 60 artworks, furniture and documents”, has been organized over three themes.

One hall commemorates the family and the Ferretti building of Ancona (furniture, marble and illustrations…), today become the National Archeological Museum of Le Marche. Another hall recalls the dominance of the Catholic Church and shows some important pieces connected to the sacred art. In the third hall it is possible to admire artworks (popular and not) typical of Le Marche: pictures, furniture, paintings, nativity scene…). The chapel of the Villa can be visited, with its graves that remembers the death of the General de Pimodan. The visit lasts almost an hour, with the chance of discovering the peculiarities of the history and art of Le Marche.

Guided tours

Since the firsts of June to the end of September, on Saturday and Sunday. The entrance is allowed only with guided tour and with an offer, for a maximum of 12 people at the same time.

Guided tours starting at 4.00 p.m., 5.15 p.m., 6.30 p.m.

How to reach the museum

Via Motorway A14 Bologna – Taranto: exit Loreto – Porto Recanati, way to Ancona. At the crossroads turn left towards Castelfidardo, after 200 meters turn right and go up the hill. After the Ossuary – Memorial Monument of the battle turn left and follow the instructions.

Via Strada Statale Adriatica SS 16: at km 320 turn on the way to Castelfidardo, after 200 meters turn right and go up the hill, after the Ossuary turn left and follow the instructions.

For further info

Fondazione Duca Roberto Ferretti di Castelferretto


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